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Bill creates felony for sober drivers who seriously injure

(AP) -- COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A driver who seriously injures someone while driving recklessly in South Carolina could be charged with a felony under a bill senators are debating.

Republican Sen. Shane Massey of Edgefield says his bill addresses a huge gap in the law, as the current punishment is a six-point traffic ticket.

State law provides felony prosecution for intoxicated drivers who either kill or seriously injure someone. And a driver who's not drunk but kills someone while driving recklessly faces years in jail.

But Massey says there's no punishment for a sober driver who puts someone in a coma while knowingly driving dangerously.

The Senate Judiciary decided Tuesday to postpone a vote.

Democratic Sen. Ronnie Sabb of Greeleyville questioned whether the bill over-criminalizes conduct if the driver didn't intend to injure anyone.

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