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Expect third class medical reform in 2015

By Janice Woods, General Aviation News At the last Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) regional fly-in of the year, pilots clamored to sign a giant petition calling for reform of the third class medical. It’s a scene that’s been played out at all the AOPA events throughout the year, association officials say, reporting that more than… Read More »

Senators propose gun ban, stiffer penalties to reform South Carolina’s domestic violence laws

By Doug Pardue and Glenn Smith, The Post and Courier The head of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee is pushing new legislation that would bring sweeping reform to South Carolina’s domestic violence laws, creating a tiered system of offenses, increasing penalties and barring batterers from possessing guns. Sen. Larry Martin, a Pickens Republican who chairs… Read More »

Hells Angels clear Wal-Mart of bikes in buy-out for children’s charity

By Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times Members of the biker group  Hells Angels took to one Wal-Mart store in Fresno, California, on Black to buy out the entire stock of bicycles for a charity drive for needy children. The members were then going to donate the bikes to the Poverello House, a Fresno-area nonprofit dedicated to… Read More »

Ex-Cop Sentenced to 5 Years for Shooting Handcuffed Suspect

By Brett Snider, Esq. on November 14, 2014 A former Maryland police officer and Iraq war veteran has been convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for shooting and paralyzing a handcuffed suspect. Johnnie Riley, 44, formerly a sergeant with the District Heights Police Department, was convicted of shooting Kalvin Kyle in the back after Kyle tried… Read More »

Drone sightings up dramatically

By Joan Lowy, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — More than a million small drone aircraft have been sold in the past few years, and a growing number of them are turning up in the skies near airports and airliners, posing a risk of collision. Reports of drone sightings near other planes, helicopters and airfields are… Read More »

Charged with DUI under .08?

By Brooks Davis Many of my clients are under the misapprehension that you may not be charged for driving under the influence (DUI) if your blood alcohol level (BAC) indicates less that .08 on the breathalyzer. This is a very dangerous and incorrect assumption. Most people refer to .08 as the “legal limit”. The DUI… Read More »

South Carolina debating if it should be easier to expunge a brush with the law

By Cynthia Roldan, September 27, 2014 COLUMBIA – South Carolina lawmakers looking to expand the state’s expungement laws are finding themselves on the opposite side of law enforcement officials and crime victims advocates. During a normally quiet time for the Legislature, a subcommittee of both senators and representatives has met here in recent weeks to… Read More »


BY JOAN LOWY  ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) — Designers of the ambitious U.S. air traffic control system of the future neglected to take drones into account, raising questions about whether it can handle the escalating demand for the unmanned aircraft and predicted congestion in the sky. “We didn’t understand the magnitude to which (drones) would be an… Read More »

Former Charleston Police Chief Reuben Greenberg remembered as groundbreaking, passionate

By Glenn Smith and Schuyler Kropf, Post & Courier Former Charleston Police Chief Reuben M. Greenberg, a charismatic and combative leader who drove down crime and drew national attention to the Holy City during his 23 years as its top cop, died Wednesday after a long period of declining health. He was 71. Mayor Joe Riley… Read More »

Charleston police trainee arrested for DUI

By Bo Petersen, Post & Courier Sep 23 2014 3:52 pm A Charleston Police trainee has been arrested for driving under the influence in Columbia. Wesley Bird, 27, of Columbia, was arrested by S.C. Highway Patrol on Saturday, in his personal vehicle, according to a Charleston Police news release. He was in Columbia attending the… Read More »