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Professional pilot representing pilots, aircraft owners and others in aviation matters

Attorney J. Brooks Davis is a professional pilot. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate and is type rated in Learjet aircraft. Brooks has several thousand hours of experience in a variety of different aircraft flying cargo, medevac and executive transportation. In 1991, he co-founded an aircraft charter and management company based in Charleston. He started several other businesses including aircraft dealerships, service centers and FBOs. Brooks is a panel attorney for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and a member of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association.

J. Brooks Davis, Attorney at Law provides representation in the following areas of aviation law:

Aircraft Acquisitions

An aircraft purchase is a major commitment that must be carefully considered. This is especially important when purchasing a pre-owned aircraft. A mistake now could be very costly later. You wouldn’t purchase a home without an agent, so why purchase an aircraft without one? The seller is typically represented by an agent working on a commission basis and is motivated is to get the best price possible for the highest commission.

Who do you have on your side?

FAA/NTSB passenger civil actions

The FAA can demand a civil penalty from passengers who are unruly, disrupt a crew member in the performance of their duties or perform any action that poses an imminent threat to the safety of the aircraft or other individuals on board. The FAA has the authority to issue a civil order assessing a penalty of up to $50,000 per occurrence against individuals. The FAA may also involve the Department of Justice to pursue criminal charges in addition to any civil penalties assessed.You may also be banned from flying any airline and placed on the TSA’s “No Fly List”. Most of these cases are resolved by negotiating a reduction of the fine and paying the FAA.  If you believe you have done no wrong, you are entitled to present an appeal in a NTSB hearing before an administrative law judge.

FAA/NTSB pilot regulatory violations and administrative actions

Your aircraft, your pilot certificate and your mechanic certificate are valuable assets. You need an attorney with experience in aviation matters to help you navigate today’s complex regulatory environment. We provide effective defense and practical solutions to pilots, mechanics and aircraft owners in all civil and criminal governmental administrative or enforcement actions. Whether it’s your passion or your livelihood, your business asset or your personal plane, don’t take any chances when it comes to your certificate or aircraft. Brooks is an experienced pilot holding an airline transport pilot certificate, Learjet type rating and is a panel attorney for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

Drone/UAS regulation 

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or ““drones””, are becoming increasingly more popular and accessible to both recreational and commercial operators alike. Many operators do not realize that drones are subject to the same laws as manned aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) recently categorized drones and model aircraft as ““aircraft”” subject to the Federal Aviation Regulations. Whether you operate your drone for fun or business, fly safely and make sure you understand the increasingly complex regulatory environment. Don’’t become the target of a FAA investigation. Brooks is a member of the Drone Pilots Association and the Lawyer-Pilot Bar Association.

Pilot medical certificate

Next to your health itself, your medical certificate is one of your most valuable assets. We provide legal counsel and representation to pilots in overcoming obstacles to receiving your first, second or third class medical certificate and in obtaining a special issuance or statement of demonstrated ability to allow you to continue to fly. We assist in challenges of DUIs and positive drug or alcohol tests which may result in administrative, civil or criminal liability.

Pilot negligence

Whether you fly for pleasure or your career, you do not want to put your pilot license in jeopardy for an incident whether it is a runway incursion or a serious accident. We provide effective and aggressive representation in many aviation defense matters including accidents, personal injury, property damage claims and insurance coverage disputes.

Plaintiff actions

If you or a loved one suffers significant injury or death resultant of an accident, we will represent you or your family in personal injury, conscious pain and suffering and wrongful death actions.

For experienced assistance with your aviation law matter call the J. Brooks Davis Law Firm at 843-225-2255 or contact the firm online to schedule your free consultation.